Women Leaders

Were you a born leader? Are you a woman?

A lot of times society tells us as women that we can’t be leaders because that’s a man’s job. But when the men won’t do it, who is left? We women! It’s time that we rise up take charge and begin leading in our homes, communities, states, and even at the federal level. For the first time in history we had a woman run for president in the US. Can you imagine the possibilities?

We need to be raising leaders in our homes. Teaching our children what it means to be a leader, to be strong in the face of adversity, to be faithful when everyone else is falling away, to stand strong in our Faith when everyone else is against us!

I endeavor to motivate women to do just this when I speak on women in leadership. I talk about the ways that you can be a leader in your home, community, at the state level and even get involved at the federal level. What does it take to be successful in these places of leadership? What are the skills that are needed? How can you get there?

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