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Talent Empowering Strategy & Business Design
Are you tired of watching others come up with all of these great ideas and still you’re left wondering what you can offer? Take advantage of this one time coaching session to dig into the talents that you possess with a strategist who can help you uncover your true potential and bring forward the talents that could be making you money! Allow Coach Abby to help you take inventory and then help you design a plan for the future to use those talents that have been uncovered to build a lucrative income using the things that you already possess, but didn’t know you had! This one time session is ONLY $47
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This can be used as a follow up to the Discovery session, where we will continue to work with your talents and skills that were uncovered in the first session. We’ll take those skills and talents and start developing ways that you can use them to make an income through them. We’ll also be working with ways that you can further develop these skills depending on the types of skills that were uncovered. We’ll use a variety of methods including quizzes, reading, videos, and exploratory courses. This is a 6 week development course and is ONLY $299
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Business Design Services

Always dreamed of having a business, but just not exactly sure what you’re wanting yet? Let’s get together and have a brainstorming session. Sit down over a steaming cup of coffee, tea or whatever your favorite beverage is and allow Coach Abby to help you discover what your dream business is and how to go about designing the perfect one that fits your particular skill set and talents. This one time session is ONLY $47
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So, now that you have your business type decided and you’re ready to dig in, but where do you go from that first step? Don’t allow your dream business to stay in a folder on your computer or desk, allow Coach Abby to help you develop your business from start to finish. She’ll help you walk through the steps of naming, licensing, setting up accounting software, and putting all of the important tools and systems in place to ensure that your business runs smoothly! This is a 12 week program and is ONLY $597 (can be paid in full for a 10% discount (costing 537.30) or paid in 2 payment of $299)
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