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Abigail is mom to twin girls, proud wife of a minister and History Teacher. She also runs iPlanner and Company where she is a freedom lifestyle business coach who helps stay-at-home moms get their dream businesses started successfully using the skills they already posses, as well as helping those who already are running businesses to uplevel them by using systems, processes and organization.


Abigail has a wide range of experience with many software programs and is always on the hunt for new ones to learn. As a child, she always dreamed of running her own business and office, so in her mid and late teens, she often assisted her father with his small lawn and landscaping business by helping him organize his files, total up receipts for tax time, create flyers and business cards as well as his company logo. She always enjoyed doing the paperwork and designing forms and documents that were needed for running the business.


Abigail holds an Associates of Arts Degree in Early Childhood education along with coursework in small business management, fine arts, accounting, theater, Christian Missions, and medical billing specialist. She is always seeking to learn and continues her education by reading many books, and experimenting with new software and programs as well as designing projects.  Her book “The Royal CEO Diaries”  will be published in the spring of 2018.


In her spare time, Abigail enjoys hanging out with her family, cooking, baking, cake decorating, crafting, painting, playing with her children, and going on dates with her husband of nearly 8 years. Together with her husband she helps with small groups at her church and assists with the music when needed, while her husband is the bass guitarist and highschool history teacher at the school. She also assists with promoting school and church events, writing the school news paper, advising the yearbook staff, and teaching grades 1-11 Computer Literacy.


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Attendees learn how to create online courses to earn a 6 figure income during launch. I teach the needed skills to go from idea to completed course.
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I am Woman & I am Royalty
Diagnosed with cancer at 30, I didn't know what I was going to go through and I was scared. I felt I had to be strong for my family and friends. I found strength in the fact that even though I was a woman going through an extremely difficult time in my life, I had something left to offer. I developed the strategy to build a business from home and help my family. I lifted my head and put my shoulders back and faced that storm wearing my crown and handled it like a royal.
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