I’m Abigail Kuhn. I’m a talent empowering business strategist and business designer. I love helping people figure out their talents and then realize that they can make an income with those talents! I’ve heard a lot of people say “I don’t have any skills, or talents.” but I know that is simply not true. Allow me to help you discover your talents and realize your dreams!

Coach Abby

Abigail Kuhn has 15+ years of business experience and many years beyond that of working with her father in his business. She has been running her virtual assistant business now for 3 1/2 years and her heart is in helping people be successful. She taught computer literacy for a year for grades 1-11 before taking on her own twins for preschool.

Abigail has an early childhood education degree along with course work in business management, accounting, music and even theater. She is constantly learning and growing herself and finds ways to help her clients in many different avenues. Coach Abby is a listener, and likes to have brainstorming sessions with clients. There have been multiple times when both she and the client have come away with many new ideas and come away refreshed and ready to really go after their dreams!